About Me

Hi!  I am Deanna and I am passionate about children’s books. 

As an elementary school librarian, I love sharing children’s literature with my students and others.  That is why I've created this blog.  My hope is that in these pages you will discover quality picture books and chapter books that both you and the children in your life will treasure.  

I also believe that children and adults alike should be reading something of value each and everyday.  In my opinion, reading is just as important as eating and breathing.  

Here's to discovering a vast treasure of  books and  happy daily reading!


  1. Hi Mrs. Holdsworth, it's Gabriella Haddad from Hermosa school. I enjoyed the Scarecrow and his servant book a lot. Thank you for choosing it for us. I love you.

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed the book, Gabriella. It is one of many favorites of mine.

  3. Hello Deana, I am an editorial assistant for August House Publishers (www.augusthouse.com). We specialize in children's picture books and classic folktales. Would you be interested in reviewing some of our titles for your blog? If so, what would be the best address to send you some complimentary books? Please let me know at raven@augusthouse.com. Thank you!