Saturday, August 27, 2016

Going Wild by: Lisa McMann

One month from today on September 27, 2016, I high recommend that you go to a bookstore and buy this book!  I was lucky enough to receive an Advanced Readers Edition and I know you will enjoy this new book series from author Lisa McMann Going Wild is the first of trilogy which will keep you up late at night turning page after page to see what happens next.  This is one exciting adventure.

Charlie and her family move from Chicago Illinois to Navarro Junction Arizona right before the beginning of a new school year.  Charlie isn't sure that this small town will be as much fun as Chicago was because in Chicago she had friends and soccer.  On the day of the move an anonymous package arrives that says "Charlie, you will know what to do".  Charlie just throws the package into the moving van with the rest of her things and doesn't think about it until unpacking a few days later.  When she opens the package she finds a strange looking bracelet.  She wears the bracelet and when she tries out for the school soccer team she is suddenly running VERY fast.  She isn't sure why she was able to run so fast but is thrilled when she makes the team and makes new friends.

One day running into class just a bit late she notices increased strength.  She cannot explain what is happening and she cannot remove the bracelet either.  As she goes through the first few months of  school a few different things begin to happen to her, once when she is angry she accidentally damages a school bathroom!  Her new friends try to help her remove the bracelet and to try to figure out why Charlie has these super powers that seem to be out of control.  Charlie is never sure when the powers will begin to work.  As her friends help her she begins to see the patterns that help her use the bracelet to her advantage.

Her powers are noticed by the wrong people and when a friend is kidnapped she is soon on the chase to rescue him.  As he is rescued a handful of other bracelets are found.  Her friends are excited to see what these other bracelets will do and it looks like Charlie's family is in danger.  Will she be able to help her family?

This is a great story that will keep your interest from the very first page.  There are lots of soccer references as Charlie is a good player with or without the bracelet.  Many of Charlie's school experiences are those that we all face in school.  We are also entertained by comics and superheroes throughout the story.  I am sure all readers grades 4 and up will love this new series. I don't want to give away too much information but after you read this book I would recommend a visit to your local zoo.

Happy Daily Reading

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Roller Girl by: Victoria Jamieson

Another Graphic Novel (Comic Book Style) that surprised me at how much I enjoyed the story.  This isn't just a "picture" book it is a story that we can all relate to.  It is also a 2016 Newbery Honor book.  You will want to read this book very soon.

Roller Girl is the first book by author/illustrator Victoria Jamieson and I am looking forward to more books by her after reading Roller Girl.  Astrid and Nicole have been friends since the first grade but as they enter the summer before Junior High things begin to change.  When Astrid's mom takes the girls to a Roller Derby game Astrid is thrilled and cannot wait to begin a Roller Derby summer camp.  She is sure Nicole will join her at this camp.  However, Nicole has other plans, she wants to attend Dance summer camp.  As each girl begins to make new friends doing their new interests they begin to not get along like they used to.  Will their friendship survive the summer and Junior High?

This book will show the ups and downs of friendship and you will learn about the sport of Roller Derby.  Astrid loves the game but learns that it is harder than she thought.  Through hard work and lots of practice her skills become better and I'm sure she will continue playing the sport she loves.

Thank you, Victoria Jamieson for helping me see how wonderful a graphic novel can be for all readers.

After reading this book go out and roller skate!

Happy Daily Reading

Monday, August 15, 2016

Curiosity House The Shrunken Head by: Lauren Oliver & H.C. Chester

Four orphans are living with Dumfrey in his Dime Museum of Freaks, Oddities, and Wonders and their lives are about to change dramatically.  In The Shrunken Head from the Curiosity House series by Lauren Oliver and H.C. Chester we find out the special talents of these four orphans and see how these talents help them save their home and the family they have there.

This is a book that jumps into a great adventure as soon as you begin reading.  Dumfrey is very excited to show his customers his newest find, a shrunken head.  However, after the first showing the head is stolen.  One of the customers is also found dead the very next morning.  Soon a local newspaper reporter is snooping around the museum and writing stories that put the children in danger.  As the children try to avoid the newspaper man they uncover other clues to the stolen head but they also find more people dead.  Is the reporter correct in his statement that the head is cursed?  With the help of their special talents the children are able to uncover the truth and help themselves and all those that live in the museum.  Some of the information that the children uncover will leave you breathless as there a few surprises as you come to the end of this book.  

You will love the special talents of these children, I'm not going to give them away to you as you must read this book.  In fact, I'm sure a few of you will want at least one of these talents.  I think this is another great book and look forward to reading more in this series.

Happy Daily Reading

Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Return BOOK TWO: Legacy of Secrets by: Ridley Pearson

Book one in Ridley Pearson's newest series ended with a cliff hanger so I had to read book two as soon as I could.  The Legacy of Secrets picks up where Disney Lands ended and it didn't disappoint this reader.  I loved it and I look forward to book three!

Finn, Charlene, Maybeck, Willa and Philby (all who are DHIs) find themselves in the Disneyland park on opening day 1955.  They are there to retrieve a fountain pen owned by Walt Disney but soon find themselves working with a young Wayne the man who creates the DHIs in present day.  An old Hotel that reminds them of the Tower of Terror seems to be headquarters of what will become the Overtakers.  Finn tries to find a way to stop the Overtakers before they begin but what will that mean to their own futures?

The DHIs encounter a few problems because of the lack of technology of the 1950s and this causes a few problems as they work to find Walt's pen.  They do their best to blend into the guests at the park but find that hard to do.  Some of their adventures become quite dangerous.  Will they ever be able to complete their task?  It is an important task as it will save all of the Disney parks.

In the present time Jess and Amanda are attending imagineering school and are trying to find a way to bring their friends back to the present.  Jess and Amanda work with a few new friends and begin to figure out who is responsible for the creation of the Overtakers.  When Finn is able to send a message to Amanda and Jess through time the girls work on finding as much information as they can without getting caught and losing their place in the school.  They also must find a way to communicate with Finn.  They are able to find a way to communicate but can they also save their friends?

This is one action packed story that will have you staying up late turning page after page.  I think any fan of Disney will love this book but if you like adventure you will love it too.

Happy Daily Reading

Monday, August 8, 2016

School's First Day of School by: Adam Rex

A new school has been built in a town and it is very nervous about having children come through her doors.  Author Adam Rex captures the emotion of being nervous when doing something for the first time perfectly in his new book School's First Day of School.

School's only friend after being built is Janitor and that is just fine with school.  Janitor takes the time each day to clean the building and visit with school.  When Janitor tells school that teachers and students will be coming soon School is very nervous.  At first School is happy seeing so many children but when a few students say they they hate school and one girl cries as she enters school which makes school feel bad. School accidentally sets off the fire alarm and feels very sorry.  Can school make it through day one?  Will the children return to school?  When Janitor and school visit at the end of the first day School is hopeful that they will return.

I really liked this book and will be reading it the first week of school to my own students.  I like how the school is experiencing the feelings that most of us feel on the first day of school.  I know you and your child will also like this book, especially if you have a child that is attending school for the very first time.

Happy Daily Reading

Thursday, August 4, 2016

It Came in the Mail by: Ben Clanton

 Do you remember when you were a child and you wished for mail?  In Ben Clanton's newest book It Came in the Mail Liam looks every day, almost every minute, to see if he has received mail.  He never finds any mail until one day he has an idea!  What if he sent mail?!  If he sent mail maybe he would receive mail.  He writes a letter to his mailbox asking for mail and soon he is getting all sorts of mail.  A dragon, an elephant, a funny bone and much more.  What will Liam do with all this mail?  You and your child will enjoy finding out when you read this book.

I enjoyed this story and I look forward to sharing it with the children in my world.  I may just need to write a note to my mailbox and see what is delivered to me.

After reading this book write a note to a friend and send it in the mail.

Happy Daily Reading