Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Night Gardener by: The Fan Brothers

The Fan Brothers have created a beautiful picture book with The Night Gardener.  William lives on Grimloch Lane and one day we wakes to find a wise owl on his lane.  Each day there is a new delight not only for William but for the entire street.  The final creation is amazing, be sure to check it out.  When William notices a stranger one night he follows the stranger to the park where they work together to create an even better park.  The season changes things in the park but all the people of Grimloch Lane are changed too.

I am sure you will enjoy this picture book, not only for the amazing pictures but also for the sweet story.

Happy Daily Reading

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Sundown Kid A Southwestern Shabbat by: Barbara Bietz

Author Barbara Bietz does a wonderful job of telling the story of a Jewish family who move to a new town in her book The Sundown Kid A Southwestern Shabbat.

A young boy with his parents move out west, leaving behind their family and friends.  They are the only Jewish family in their new town and each week there is too much soup for just the three of them.  Momma feels lonely and the young son wants momma to be happy.  He finds a way to bring joy to his mom and to the entire town.  I also felt this joy!

The story of friendship and sharing is what this story is about and I enjoyed reading it and I hope you will too.

This book will be available January 2017.

Happy Daily Reading

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Pirasaurs! by: Josh Funk

Josh Funk has written a book that young children will love.  What could be better than dinosaurs as pirates!  When you read Pirasaurs you will be delighted at the adventurous dinosaurs.  One small dinosaur is new to the pirate crew and he is doing all he can to be the best dinopriate he can be.  This little guy teaches all the bigger dinosaurs an important lesson about friendship as they search for the spot marked with the "X".

I love pirates so any book with pirates is a winner with me.  I read this book to my students and grades K-3 loved it!  I know you will too.

Happy Daily Reading

Monday, November 7, 2016

Dragon was Terrible by: Kelly DiPucchio

Who would take candy from baby unicorns, burn all the Kingdom's marshmallows, burp in church and spit on cupcakes?  Dragon would!  The king offers his brave knights a wonderful gift if they can tame Dragon and when they fail the gift is offered to anyone in the Kingdom.  Will anyone be able to tame this terrible dragon?  Author Kelly DiPucchio has a wonderful surprise ending in her newest book Dragon was Terrible.  You may think you know how this will end but I was delightfully surprised and I am sure you will be too.

Make time to read this story you will love the gift as much as I do.  When you have finished reading this book be sure to share it with a friend.

Happy Daily Reading

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Good Night, Baddies by: Deborah Underwood

Have you ever wondered what witches, giants, trolls and wolves do at bedtime?  Author Deborah Underwood in her book Good Night, Baddies answers this question for you.  A story told in rhyme tells how the baddies are tired at the end of their day of scaring people, trying to blow down houses, and poisoned apples that Snow White didn't find.  They all visit and chat during dinner and after bedtime stories they sleep tight.

A delightful story that you and your children will love reading over and over again.

Happy Daily Reading

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Saltwater Taffy by: Eric Delabarre

Make sure you have some free time when you sit down to read this book once you start reading you won't be able to put the book down.  Saltwater Taffy written by Eric Delabarre is a story filled with adventure, fun, friendship and life lessons that you won't  forget.

Scott, Gary, Jaq, Jimmy and Zippy's  summer had begun as any other.  Hanging out in their secret clubhouse, riding bikes and playing baseball.  Their rag-tag baseball team has made it to the city championship but that takes second place when they once again begin a search for pirate treasure.

In Port Townsend, Washington there is rumored to be the treasure of pirate Jean Lafitte.  Each year the city celebrates this hidden treasure by seeing who can find and solve the next clue.  When Scott along with his brother Gary and friends Zippy, Jimmy and Jaq, find the next clue and are double crossed and lose the clue they don't give up on the treasure hunt.  They keep close eye on their rivals and are able to solve the clue leading them to the final piece of the treasure map that belonged to the pirate Jean Lafitte.  As they follow the may their summer is unlike any other they have experienced.   As they work together to stay ahead of other treasure hunters they learn more about themselves and each other.

They encounter a variety of adventures as they throw water balloons at their rivals, explore "old man Sheesley's property and sneak out to explore a nearby island.  They also find the strength to go on when things get a bit hard.  They are chased by a bear and have to get across a very old bridge.  I was very nervous for them all as they crossed this bridge.  What exactly does saltwater taffy have to do with anything?  The answer to this question will surprise you!  Will they finally find the treasure?  When they have to deal with a cave-in the reader will wonder if they will make it back in time to play the city championship baseball game?  This is a MUST read story!

I loved this story.  So much summertime adventure for these five friends.  I also loved all the "treasure tips" offered by the author.  I was able to learn life lessons as I came to know these children.  The life lessons are important to the characters and to the reader alike.  When your child finishes this book I'm sure they will be on the lookout for adventures of their own.

Happy Daily Reading

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Leo a Ghost Story by: Mac Barnett

Leo a Ghost Story written by Mac Barnett is a sweet story about Leo who has been a house ghost all of his life.  When a family moves into his home and he tries to serve them tea they are scared.  Leo doesn't want to bother the people so he leaves his home.  He is now a roaming ghost. When he meets a kind girl who invites him to play with her his life changes forever.  However, this new girl believes that Leo is her imaginary friend.  What will happen if she learns the truth?

After reading this book invite a few imaginary friends over for a play date.

Happy Daily Reading