Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Great Thanksgiving Escape by Mark Fearing

Author Mark Fearing has written and illustrated a fun read-aloud book about Thanksgiving at grandma's house in his book The Great Thanksgiving Escape.

Cousins Gavin and Rhonda decide that they do not want to play with the other  children while waiting for their thanksgiving meal at grandma's house.  Can they make their own fun?  They are sure that they can have fun in the backyard.  But they are not sure how to get out of the house without being seen.  You and your child will laugh as they try to get past the hall of Aunts and the Zombies (teenagers).  Just wait until you see the fun these cousins have together!

After reading this book, enjoy time with your family.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Daily Reading

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Zero by Kathryn Otoshi

Kathryn Otoshi has written a wonderful book about loving who we are, as well as what we have to offer the world in her book Zero.

Zero only sees a hole, right in her center whenever she looks at herself.  Everyday she watches the other numbers line up to be counted, she wants to be counted too.  She tries as hard as she can to change, to be a 1 or an 8 but it just doesn't work, she is simply empty in the middle.  With the help of 7 she is able to see herself in a new way and she gets the numbers to count like they have never counted before.

I really enjoyed this book.  I think it would be a great story to read to a child everyday and talk about how we all have gifts that we can and should share with the world.  We all count and we all can make the world a better place.  We also must realize, just like number 7 did, that others also count in the world.

After reading this book write a letter to a friend and let them know how much you appreciate them.

Happy Daily Reading

Monday, November 10, 2014

Dog vs. Cat by: Chris Gall

Can Dog and Cat get along when they have to share a room?

Author Chris Gall in his book Dog vs. Cat answers this question.  Mr. Button brings home a friendly dog on the same night Mrs. Button brings home a smart-looking cat.  Dog and Cat need to share a room and soon there are all kinds of problems.  Dog and Cat do not like each other and when they divide the room in half, life becomes complicated for them both.  What do you think will happen when Mr. and Mrs. Button bring home a new baby that is now sharing the room with Dog and Cat?

After reading this book go out and play with your pet.

Happy Daily Reading

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Fourteenth Goldfish by: Jennifer L. Holm

Ellie is 11 years old and many things are changing in her world.  One day, her mother brings home a very strange teenage boy who reminds Ellie of her grandfather Melvin.  Could this boy really be grandpa?  Jennifer L. Holm in her book, The Fourteenth Goldfish, has written a very fun story about life, family and the possibility of the fountain of youth.

Grandpa had always been crazy about science and he wasn't happy when his daughter, Ellie's mom, decided to become an actress.  Grandpa Melvin and Ellie's mom do not get along, and this is shown even more after one of Grandpa's science experiments actually works and he is transformed once again into a teenager.  Melvin is eager to share his new magic youth formula, so that everyone in the world can be young again.  But because he is now a teenager, he is unable to get past the security guards to enter his laboratory, where he has more of the ingredients for his magic youth formula.  Instead, he attends school with Ellie and helps her make new friends.  Can Ellie and her friends help Melvin sneak into his laboratory and make more of his new formula?  Ellie is learning that science can be fun, but is being young really what the world needs?

After reading this book spend sometime with an older family member.

Happy Daily Reading

Monday, November 3, 2014

A Library Book For Bear by: Bonny Becker

Bonny Becker and Kady MacDonald Denton have created another fantastic book about Bear and his friend Mouse.

In A Library Book For Bear, Bear is sure that he has plenty of books. In fact, he has seven.  Mouse takes Bear to the library where Bear is surprised to see so many more books.  He thinks it is quite extravagant to have so many books.  He begins to search for a book but cannot find the right book for him.  That is, until he hears a librarian reading a book to other children.  Mouse and Bear join storytime and Bear finds his just right book!

There is always a just right book for each of us when we are able to visit a library.  I hope that you take your children to the library to share with them all the wonderful stories that can be found in books.

After reading this book go visit your local library.

Happy Daily Reading