Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Numberlys by: William Joyce & Christina Ellis

Imagine a world with only numbers, that is just what authors William Joyce and Christina Ellis have done in their new book The Numberlys.

Everything is ordinary and orderly in the land of the Numberlys until one day 5 friends decide that something different is needed.  They begin to build.  At first, it was awful but they kept on working and amazing things began to happen.  First there are letters and then colors.  The world becomes an amazing place!  The Numberlys see and experience things they have never done before.

Children will love this book as they see the letters being created.  It is different because you hold the book vertically instead of horizontally which makes for wonderful illustrations that keep children's attention.

After reading this story, go out and build something new for yourself.

Happy Daily Reading

Monday, September 29, 2014

Millhouse by: Natale Ghent

Millhouse is a guinea pig whose story you won't soon forget.  Author Natale Ghent has written a wonderful story about a hairless guinea pig named Millhouse, Milly is the name he prefers.

Milly loves the theater and when is is left at an old, hardly visited pet shop he is sure he will never get to the theater again.  He acts out many plays for the mice who appreciate him.  However, he has a ferret who wants to eat him and the other guinea pigs want nothing to do with him.  How can he ever get out of the pet shop, and will he ever get to the theater again?  You will be surprised to find out who is willing to help Milly make his dreams come true.  It is such a sweet ending to a book that you just may want to go out and buy yourself a cute guinea pig of your own!

Happy Daily Reading

Friday, September 26, 2014

Dragon Slippers by: Jessica Day George

I am happy to have Evelyn visiting again as my Friday Friend.

I recently read the book Dragon Slippers by Jessica Day George.  This book is the first book in the Dragon Adventure series and is about a girl named Creelisel Carlbrun. Creelisel lives with her brother, aunt, uncle, and eight cousins because her mom and dad died from a fever. The family was really poor so her aunt came up with a plan to get rich.  Creelisel’s brother and cousins throw coal at the dragon, Theordus, while Creelisel waited.  When the dragon appeared, her aunt mouthed the words of what she should say.  The dragon took Creelisel into his cave.  They made a deal that Creelisel will stop a prince that is going to save her and she can have something from his hoard.  So she left the cave and stopped the prince and said to him “Go tell my family that I’m all right and I’m going to the King’s Seat to find work.” Since she kept her part of the deal, she chose a pair of magic dragon skin shoes.  Creelisel went to the King’s Seat to find work; she found work at the best sewing shop in that city.  But she barely gets paid.  That is when she meets Luka who is a prince.  One of the girls that Creelisel works with tries on her shoes. The girl figures out that her shoes are magical and she shares this information with a princess from another country. They steal her shoes and a dragon war starts. That’s when Creelisel find out her shoes are magical. 
I really enjoyed reading Dragon Slippers and especially liked the part with the dragon war because when I read this part of the book I visualized dragons making fire.  I also liked Shardas, the king of dragons because of how he met and saved Creelisel.  I loved this book so much I couldn’t put it down and can’t wait to read the next book Dragon Flight.  If you enjoy reading about princesses Jessica Day George has two other series that are totally awesome. The first series is the Twelve Dancing Princesses and the second is Tuesdays at the Castle.  

Thank you, Evelyn.
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Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Actual & Truthful Adventures of Becky Thatcher by: Jessica Lawson

How does an author change a classic story like Tom Sawyer?  Hopefully you will want to read this book to find out the answer to that question.  I am sure you will love the answer!

Author Jessica Lawson has written a book that I really enjoyed with her book The Actual & Truthful Adventures of Becky Thatcher.  Samuel Clemens is a riverboat captain, staying in a small town along the Mississippi River while his boat is repaired.  He ends up boarding  at the Sawyer household where he meets a young girl who is always looking for adventure named Becky Thatcher.  Tom Sawyer is a shy tattle tale who is just trying to get noticed by the adults as a "good boy".   His older brother Sid also likes adventures but doesn't believe that girls can do things as well as boys.  So, the bet is on--who can steal something from the "witch's" home on Saturday night?  You will really love the way the girls plan on not only beating the boys but also avoiding having spells cast on them by the witches.  Of course there are more adventures that get Becky into trouble.  However, since she is the one who finds the outlaw's hideout in the local caves, she also becomes the hero of the story!

The author leaves us wondering whether Twain changed Becky's story to that of Tom Sawyer because many girls at this time period were not the adventuring type?  I wonder.

This was such a fun book to read.  When you finish this one, go and read the original Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Problem with Not Being Scared of Monsters by: Dan Richards

In his first picture book, The Problem with Not Being Scared of Monsters, author Dan Richards shares that it really can be hard to be best friends with monsters.  After reading this book, I think it might be easier to remain afraid of monsters.  The young boy in this book encounters problems even before getting out of bed in the morning.  Homework is a problem and so is snack time.  What is he supposed to do?  You will laugh as you find out what this young child does.

This will be a fun bedtime story for children of all ages.

After reading this book, make sure you check under your bed for monsters and then enjoy a good night's sleep.

Happy Daily Reading

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Island of Legends by: Lisa McMann

Volume 4 of The Unwanteds series does not disappoint.  Author Lisa McMann in Island of Legends takes us back to Artime and Quill where twins Alex and Aaron are still learning and growing into their roles as leaders.

Alex, as the mage of Artime, is learning to use his magic more efficiently.  He works at creating a new creature and is sure he has failed as the creature seems to die as soon as it comes alive.  However, don't lose your faith in Alex's powers as his new creature will surprise you along with Alex.  Alex gets a few of his friends to go with him to Pirate Island to save Sky's mother.  It is a tricky rescue since this island is a volcano that will sometimes disappear from sight.  Can they rescue her mother before it goes underwater once again?  Alex and his friends meet other sea creatures on this adventure, some nice and some very mean.  They also decide to head out and visit another island, meeting more amazing creatures and making new friends.

Aaron is pleased to be the new High Priest in Quill and wants to get the remaining residents of Quill to see Artime as a threat that must be eliminated.  Aaron discovers a hidden jungle on the island where animals live that Mr. Today had created that didn't really turn out as well as expected.  Aaron pretends to be Alex, gaining the trust of these creatures and he uses one to begin his attack on Artime.  Aaron is also rebuilding his governing board but can he really trust these people?

I loved this book in The Unwanteds series.  I have enjoyed all of the books but this one I couldn't put  down.  I know you will enjoy this book as well as the others in the series.

After reading this book take some time to create some new creatures of your own.  Because that is what an "unwanted" would do.

Happy Daily Reading

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Three Bears in a Boat by: David Soman

Three Bears in a Boat is written and illustrated by David Soman.  This is a beautiful read aloud that I'm sure your family will enjoy.

The three young bears want to get to the honey pot.  But one time as they climb to reach the honey pot, their mother's favorite sea shell gets broken.  They decide that they will try to replace the shell before their momma gets home.  They set sail and have quite the adventure as they search for the perfect sea shell.  They meet other sailors and even encounter other sea creatures. They finally decide to return home and tell their mother the truth.   Once back on their own island, they find the perfect shell for their mother.  Will they tell their mother the truth?  Will their mother forgive them?

This is a great story that surely will open up a discussion about what we should do when we make a mistake.

After reading this book, you should call your mother and thank her for being your mom.

Happy Daily Reading

Thursday, September 11, 2014

A Grimm Warning by: Chris Colfer

Author Chris Colfer has written a great story with this book A Grimm Warning.  Twins Conner and Alex Bailey need to work together to save the Land of Stories.  How can they do this when they are living in two different worlds?

Alex is living in the Land of Stories, being trained to become the next fairy Godmother by her grandmother who is the current fairy Godmother.  Conner is headed to Germany on a school field trip.  He will be able to visit the graves of his distant relatives, the famous Brothers Grimm.  He is with a teacher and a few students and plan to attend a ceremony at the graves of the Brothers Grimm.  Three newly discovered Grimm tales are going to be read at the ceremony.  During the reading of the last story, Conner realizes the story is actually a secret message directed to him.  He learns from the message that he must travel to the Land of Stories before the land is destroyed.

Conner manages to leave the field trip group with his friend Bree.  Together they travel around Europe looking for a portal to get to the Land of Stories.  There is a French army that has been stuck in the portal for 200 years.  If the portal is opened, the army will conquer the Land of Stories.  Conner and Bree must get there first to help prepare the kingdoms for war.  Along their way, they meet a remarkable young boy named  Emmerich, who helps them in their quest to find and enter the portal.

Alex is almost finished with her training in the Land of Stories.  There will be a ceremony in which she officially becomes a member of the fairy council.  Passing her tests before the ceremony is making her very nervous.  She begins to spend more time in the Red kingdom receiving encouragement from her friend Red Riding Hood.  While visiting Red they learn that Little Bo Beep wants to be queen of the Red kingdom and she has challenged Red to run in an election.  Will Alex be able to help Red and be ready for her ceremony?  Alex learns that Little Bo Beep has an evil acquaintance who is helping her take over Red's kingdom and she is trying to figure out who that is when Conner and friends arrive with news of the invasion.

Alex and Conner are able to get the Royals, the Fairies, the Elves and the Trolls to work together to fight against this army.  Will they succeed and be able to have peace and happily ever afters in the land once again?  Does Conner have magic ability too?  In runs in their family and Alex is sure Conner can learn to use magic just as she does.  It just might be necessary to save the kingdoms in the Land of Stories.

I really enjoyed this book and I am sure you will too.  If you like fairy tales you will love this book.  It wasn't until I began reading that I realized this is volume 3 in the Land of Stories series.  You will want to read all the books in the series.

Happy Daily Reading

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Crocodile Who Didn't Like Water by: Gemma Merino

There once lived a family of crocodiles with six baby crocodiles.   All but one of the babies loved the water.  You thought  all crocodiles loved the water?  In Gemma Merino's debut picture book, The Crocodile Who Didn't Like Water, we meet one young crocodile who does not like water.  He wants to enjoy the water just like his brothers and sisters, but he is very afraid of the water.  He tries various ways of getting into the water but each one fails.  One day he finds out who he really is and what he was meant to do.  Fulfilling his own destiny is where he finds happiness.

This is a fun read-aloud book that I am sure all ages will enjoy.  When listeners or readers find out little crocodile's true identity, they are sure to giggle.  I also believe this book will inspire us all to do what makes us happy.  That will certainly help make the world a happier place for everyone.

Happy Daily Reading

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

R is for Robot A Noisy Alphabet by: Adam F. Watkins

Who knew the alphabet could be so noisy?  Author Adam F. Watkins in his book R is for Robot knew that it would be noisy for these adorable robots to assemble the alphabet.  Each letter has its own unique sound, and lets that sound be heard as it is being put in it proper order in the alphabet.  I love ABC books and this is one read-aloud that I am sure children will love because of the new describing words they will be exposed to with each of the letters.

This is the first picture book that Adam F. Watkins both wrote and illustrated.  He has always been a fan of robots and I'm sure you will love his illustrations of the robots in this story.

After reading this book, make up your own ABC story.  Maybe make up ABC's of your day today!

Happy Daily Reading