Monday, November 30, 2015

The Story of Diva and Flea by: Mo Willems

I picked up this book because I am a big fan of author Mo Willems and I hope he will do more early chapter books with Tony DiTerlizzi as this book was great!

The Story of Diva and Flea is the story of Diva, a dog, and Flea, a cat.  They have both lived in Paris all of their lives.  Diva has never left her patio and Flea has never had a home.  In fact he does not like humans at all.  Diva loves her human and the routine of her life.  Once Diva and Flea become friends they both have new adventures.  Flea learns to trust and Diva learns that life can be very exciting outside of her gate.  They are very different in many ways but they become the best of friends.

I really loved this simple story and I think children who are just beginning to read chapter books will love this story too.

Happy Daily Reading

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Turkey Trouble by: Wendi Silvano

It is almost Thanksgiving do you have your Turkey ready?  Farmer Jake doesn't and this year his turkey is trying his best to not end up on the dinner table.

Author Wendi Silvano and illustrator Lee Harper have created the delightful story of Turkey Trouble.  Readers of all ages will enjoy the creative way that Turkey tries his best to avoid  Farmer Jake and have the best Thanksgiving a turkey has ever had.  The other farm animals are not tricked at all, but will Farmer Jake be tricked and end up without a turkey for Thanksgiving?

While you wait for your Thanksgiving meal take a few minutes and enjoy this story with some of the children in your family.

Happy Daily Reading