Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Fourteenth Goldfish by: Jennifer L. Holm

Ellie is 11 years old and many things are changing in her world.  One day, her mother brings home a very strange teenage boy who reminds Ellie of her grandfather Melvin.  Could this boy really be grandpa?  Jennifer L. Holm in her book, The Fourteenth Goldfish, has written a very fun story about life, family and the possibility of the fountain of youth.

Grandpa had always been crazy about science and he wasn't happy when his daughter, Ellie's mom, decided to become an actress.  Grandpa Melvin and Ellie's mom do not get along, and this is shown even more after one of Grandpa's science experiments actually works and he is transformed once again into a teenager.  Melvin is eager to share his new magic youth formula, so that everyone in the world can be young again.  But because he is now a teenager, he is unable to get past the security guards to enter his laboratory, where he has more of the ingredients for his magic youth formula.  Instead, he attends school with Ellie and helps her make new friends.  Can Ellie and her friends help Melvin sneak into his laboratory and make more of his new formula?  Ellie is learning that science can be fun, but is being young really what the world needs?

After reading this book spend sometime with an older family member.

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