Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Angel Tree by: Daphne Benedis-Grab

I enjoyed this Christmas story so much that I am recommending this for the first book you should read in 2015.

Author Daphne Benedis-Grab's book The Angel Tree might have you thinking of a Hallmark movie.  My hope is that it motivates you to go out and do something nice today.

Every December in the small town of Pine River, a Christmas tree is placed in the town square.  It becomes the Angel Tree where citizens can write down a wish and tie it to the tree.  The Angel Tree is magic, so soon their wishes begin to come true.

Four unlikely friends decide to investigate just exactly who is behind the Angel Tree and host a party to say "thank you" to the tree's owner.
Among the friends are Lucy, a blind girl who relies on a seeing eye dog to help her get around the town and at school; Max who with his family is now living in an apartment because their home burned down a few months ago; Joe who is new to Pine River and doesn't feel like he belongs; and Cami, who is the one who begins the search to find out who is behind the Angel Tree.  Cami feels that she is not as special as other members of her family.  It is the growth we see in these characters that I loved about this story.  They all have wishes that do come true and that motivates them even more to find out who is behind the Angel Tree tradition.  The four of them are all unsure about themselves but gain confidence as they develop their friendship and use their individual talents to solve the mystery.

After reading this story, go and help someone who may need you today.

Happy Daily Reading

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