Friday, March 20, 2015

The Night Gardener by Jonathan Auxier

Do you like to be just a little frightened while reading?   If so, The Night Gardner by Jonathan Auxier is the book you should read next.

Molly and Kip are orphans and they do not want to live at the orphanage.  Molly takes Kip to the Windsor estate where they can work.  As they seek directions to the estate, they are told by many to turn around.  People tell them that nobody lives at the Windsor estate and nobody returns from the sour woods that you must pass through in order to find the Windsor estate.  Molly still believes that working there is better than the orphanage.  They continue on the path, finally arriving at the estate.  They find a run down house with a big tree growing right in the middle of the house.  It is a strange place with some strange people living there.

Molly and Kip start to work doing everything for the family.  When they begin to notice some strange noises and changes in the family they begin to investigate.  What could be behind the green door?  They are told to stay away.  But it is irresistible. Who belongs to the footsteps Molly hears each night?  The family living there doesn't believe there is anything to be afraid of, but Kit and Molly disagree.

Readers will be turning pages as fast as they can read to find out all the secrets of Windsor Estate.  I am not usually a fan of "scary" stories (and this isn't very scary) but I really enjoyed this book.

After reading this story go outside and play by a scary-looking tree!

Happy Daily Reading

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