Friday, October 16, 2015

Island of Graves by: Lisa McMann

Author Lisa McMann has written another great book wither book number 6 of The Unwanteds series, Island of Graves.  This is my favorite current series that is out for middle grade and older readers.

In this book we find Aaron trying to survive with Ishibashi, Ito, and Sato on the Island of Shipwrecks.  Aaron is needing to learn how to be humble and to serve others.  A big change for him, but one that makes him a better person.

Alex is busy preparing the people of Artime to protect themselves from another attack from those still leading the people of Quill.  Alex and friends use spies to find out what is happening in Quill and Alex soon finds himself doing something he never thought he would do.  He is looking for his brother, Aaron, to bring him back to their island to restore peace.  Alex isn't sure Aaron is capable of peace but he goes with Skye to bring Aaron back home.

While traveling to find Aaron, Alex and Skye encounter dangers at every island.  They also discover a sailor who is trapped on an island with giant apes.  Is there time to find Aaron and save this sailor before the new leader of Quill attacks Artime?

Alex also spends time with his baby twin sisters and he finds joy in being their big brother.  Since their parents are no longer alive it is up to Alex to make sure his sisters are brought up correctly.  He hopes that they will never have to experience life as he knew it in Quill as a child.

I cannot express in words how much I enjoy reading this series.  If you love magic and adventure you will love these books too.  

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