Monday, March 21, 2016

Fuzzy Mud by: Louis Sachar

This title caught my attention and I figured it should be read.  Author Louis Sachar's Fuzzy Mud was indeed a fun book to read.  I'm glad that I can now share it with you.

Tamaya and Marshall are two students at the private school, Woodridge Academy they are neighbors and walk to and from school together.  One day Marshall decides that they should take a "short-cut" home from school walking through the woods next to their school.  Marshall is trying to avoid the school bully, Chad, who has told Marshall he would be getting him after school.  Unfortunately, when Marshall isn't seen on his regular route home Chad begins looking in the woods.  Chad catches up to Marshall and Tamaya and when the fight begins Tamaya picks up fuzzy looking mud rubbing it in Chad's face.  When Tamaya's hand is covered in a horrible rash the next day and Chad is missing from school, she is concerned.  Marshall isn't concerned at all, feeling that the bully deserves whatever happens.  Soon Tamaya enters the woods looking for Chad.  When Marshall learns that Tamaya is now missing he is soon sneaking off into the woods looking for both Tamaya and Chad.  Chad is found with the rash all over him.  Soon the city is under quarantine while the source and cure for this rash is being studied.  Will they all be ok?

Thoughout the book we have excerpts from a Senate hearing regarding small living microorganisms.  These microorganisms can be a better gasoline helping us all.  However, is it now causing the horrible rashes and even some deaths?

This is a book all about friendship that can be forged in unlikely places and about doing the right thing even when it would be easier to not do a thing.

When you have finished reading this book go and make a new friend.

Happy Daily Reading

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