Sunday, March 30, 2014

Mo's Mustache by Ben Clanton

It is one of the newest crazes, photos with a mustache prop.  Some even draw a mustache on themselves for the day.  It is a fun way to just show a bit of your "crazy" style.

Ben Clanton's picture book Mo's Mustache is a great read-aloud book.  My students loved reading about Mo and his monster friends.  Mo is excited to receive his big, black, beautiful mustache and all his friends love his new look.  Soon they all have mustaches of their own; pink ones, squiggly ones, small ones and extra long ones.  Mo is not happy once everyone has a mustache of their own so he gets rid of his and gets a new scarf.  What will his friends do now?

Mo's Mustache is filled with wonderful adjectives.  Sharing this book with children will expose them to the wonders of describing words and how they can really make a story memorable and wonderful.

Take a tour of your home and use creative adjectives to describe items in your home.  Your home will become even more interesting as you do this, just like in this wonderful picture book, Mo's Mustache.

Happy Daily Reading
Me and my friends with black mustaches of our own!

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