Monday, April 20, 2015

LA Book Festival 2015

Three great book author/illustrators that I was able to listen to and meet for a few minutes at the 2015 LA Book Festival.   It's Only Stanley is the newest book by author/illustrator Jon Agee and I've already shared it with second graders and they loved it!  Salina Yoon has written and illustrated many books for children.  Her newest series is Bear who you can see in this review in the book Found.  In 2013 author/illustrator Bob Shea wrote a great book about envy.  In Unicorn Thinks He's Pretty Great Goat is envious of all that Unicorn can do and Unicorn is envious of Goat, can these two learn to admire their differences and strengths and become friends?  I think this would be a great book to read to any child that might need some encouragement in making new friends.  I really enjoyed the Book Festival and cannot wait to attend next year.
Salina Yoon

Bob Shea

Jon Agee

I also met Junie B. Jones!

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