Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Flunked by: Jen Calonita

I admit it.  I am a pushover when it comes to loving books about fairy tale characters.  When I learned about Jen Calonita's latest book, Flunked, I had to read it.  And I think you should read it too.

The main character of this book is named Gilly.  She lives with her parents and her five little brothers and sisters in a run-down boot.  Money is very tight, so she finds ways to steal things from the royals, sell them, and provide food for her family.  However, her parents and the local sheriff do not see any "good" in Gilly.  They only see her as a thief.  After she is caught stealing, Gilly is sent to Fairy Tale Reform School, (FTRS)

FTRS was founded by Cinderella's wicked step-mother.  After Cinderella's wedding to the Prince, her stepmother and sisters could not go anywhere without people being upset at how they treated Cinderella.  So, her stepmother begins to change for good and opens the FTRS to help others change as well.  Other reformed villains, such as the Big Bad Wolf, are teachers at FTRS as well.

At first Gilly doesn't believe that she belongs at this school, but soon she finds new friends and they set off on a new adventure trying to figure out if their teachers really are reformed from their evil ways.  Gilly is a very likable character and the adventures and magic in this book are fun.  I'm sure you will also enjoy this story.

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