Friday, August 14, 2015

Pieces and Players by: Blue Balliett

Author Blue Balliett has written another great mystery in her new book Pieces and Players.  Calder, Petra and Tommy who have solved other big mysteries are asked to join with two other children, Zoomy and Early, to find 13 missing pieces of art that were stolen from a Chicago art museum.  It is a rough start for the five kids, but they begin to work together each using their strengths to solve this mystery.

Along with the missing art pieces the kids see adults doing things that are out of the ordinary.  The kids use each if these as clues, and piece the clues together to solve the larger mystery.  Can they trust any of the adults?  Just as they begin to think they can trust as least one adult, they end up at the police station where they are banned from working on the stolen art case.  Will they really stay away?

These kids are truly amazing in how they piece together seemingly small clues into larger clues that lead to solving the mystery and finding the theives.

I am sure all mystery lovers will enjoy this book.  I really enjoy all the books by Blue Balliet, so after reading this book, I recommend reading at least one of her other books.  You won't be sorry.

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