Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Switch by: Ingrid Law

 Author Ingrid Law has written another Companion to her Newbery Honor book Savvy in this book Switch.  The story of Switch has the Beaumont family expecting big changes in their home when Grandma comes to live with them.  However, before she even arrives more changes than any of them expected come along.

When a Beaumont child turns 13 they discover their own savvy, a very special and unique talent.  Gypsy's savvy is seeing quick glimpses into the past and/or the future.  Thankfully she has learned how to scumble, which is using her savvy in practical ways.   Gypsy is surprised when she suddenly stops time.  She is the only person she sees moving around everyone and everything else is frozen.   The first time this happens it takes her awhile to figure out how to get time moving and she takes advantage of being the only one moving around.  She does things that she usually cannot do.  Her brother's savvy has switched too, he is now burning things and her youngest brother, who isn't yet 13 can grow very BIG.  What is going on??  All their savvy's are mixed up and what are they to do?

This is a very funny and fast moving story and Gypsy and her family.  The kids are on their own trying to scumble their mixed up savvy's trying to save Grandma who is lost in Denver.  Grandma is very forgetful and as she is walking around in a blizzard in Denver.  Gypsy and her brothers have to enlist the help of neighbors and new friends.  It is the first time they have told others about their savvys and they get a variety of responses as they share their savvys.  Gypsy uses the gift of stopping time, her older brother's fire and younger brother's BIG size also help to find Grandma.  It is a winter that they will never forget.

I loved this story and I'm sure you will too.  It will be great way to end your 2015.  You will realize that we all have special talents and as we use our talents with those of others we can make the world a better place.

Happy Daily Reading

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