Friday, December 25, 2015

Why Christmas Trees Aren't Perfect by: Richard H. Schneider

Richard Schneider has written a wonderful story about the importance of service to others no matter what our own wants may be at the time.  Why Christmas Trees Aren't Perfect is the perfect Christmas story to teach us all about the blessings we receive through our service to others.

Long, long ago evergreen trees were perfect but today you will not find a perfect tree you will find evidence of service.  The trees that long ago were so perfect were found in the Carpathian Mountains in Europe.  There was a large evergreen forest where the trees would do all they could to grow tall and perfect.  Their branches turned up in just the right way and their shade of green is beautiful.  All the trees wanted to be chosen as the most beautiful in order to end up in the castle during the Christmas season.  One year a new sapling began to grow.  All the trees were sure that she would grow up and be the most beautiful and perfect tree ever.    However, when an animal needed protection this tree offered her branches to protect the animal.  None of the other trees would do this as their branches would no longer be perfect.  When an animal needed food she would let the animal nibble her needles.  Losing needles also left her no longer perfect.  As the queen entered the forest searching for the perfect tree for the castle she saw this tree.  The queen saw that this tree was indeed special this tree gave of herself to those in need.  The queen ordered that the tree be cut down and placed in the castle.  Now all of the trees in the evergreen forest offer protection, food, those in need.

This book is one I read every year.  I renew my dedication to find ways to serve others each day whenever I read it.  I hope you and your children will want to offer daily service in the coming year.

Happy Daily Reading


  1. This is a great book! We read it every year! It has a great message!!!

  2. When I was a little girl, my dads mother (whom we called Mimi), would read us a story on Christmas Eve. Every year it was a new book and she would make sure each of her kids' had a copy for their families to have. One year it was this story and I remember loving it more than the others. I really identified with the tree in that I knew how it felt, to be different or not fit in quite right. This is probably my most favorite Christmas book.