Thursday, October 13, 2016

Stars So Sweet by: Tara Dairman

Tara Dairman's third book in the All Four Stars Series, Stars so Sweet, is just as good as the first two.  I highly recommend this series to any foodies and any non-foodies.  The characters in the series are relatable to all of us and most of us do enjoy a good meal or at least good desserts!

In this book we find Gladys Gatsby beginning middle school.  Her summer food reviews for the New York Standard were excellent and she has been offered a full time job as the Standard's new food critic.  How can she have a full time job and be a full time middle grade student?  Her aunt Lydia has come to live with her family and tries her best to help Gladys keep up her work as a food critic.  Aunt Lydia misses Paris and helping Gladys is just what she needs to get moving forward in her own life.  Sandy, Gladys' neighbor wants to be a food legend at his new school.  Not just a regular foodie, he wants to be a legend for eating the most gross food ever found.  Parm and Charisse, two of Gladys' friends seem to be adjusting to middle school and get Gladys involved with many clubs by having Gladys bake items for bake sales.  Each club on campus needs to raise their own money this year so when Gladys' baking skills become known each club on campus wants their own bake sale.  Gladys is soon involved in almost every club on campus. She is one busy young woman.  She decides it is too much to handle and she must come clean, lying to her parents, the editor at the Standard and to her friends is getting to be too hard.  However, she loves all the cooking she is doing...can she come clean and still get to do what she loves?  And what about Hamilton?  Why is he not answering her emails?

I loved this book and all of the characters in the book.  I could relate to most of the situations that involved life in middle school and I was laughing at Sandy and his experiences at eating all the gross foods he and Gladys could find.  You will be surprised at what makes him a legend at his school!

I hope that when you have finished reading this book (and hopefully the entire series) you will want to try some of the foods that Gladys cooks in the books.

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