Monday, October 24, 2016

the Girl Who Drank the Moon by: Kelly Barnhill

Magic is at the center of Kelly Barnhill's book The Girl Who Drank the Moon.  If fantasy stories are why you like you will love this book.

There is a witch in the forest near the town of Protectorate and each year the youngest child is taken to the forest and left for the witch.  The people believe that by offering this sacrifice they will be safe from the witch.  This witch is kind and is very confused that a child is left every year in the forest.  She takes each child to families on the other side of the forest.  Families that will love the child and they look forward to the witch's visit each year.  As the witch travels to the town she feeds the child starlight which blesses the child throughout his/her life.  On one journey she accidentally feeds a child moonlight instead of starlight.  This means that the child will have magic and so the witch keeps this child (Luna) in order to raise her herself.  The witch lives with a swamp monster and a tiny dragon the three of them raise Luna and when Luna's magic begins to develop they do their best to stop Luna from using the magic.

There is one man in the Protectorate that wants to stop the witch from taking any more children.  The Protectorate believe that the witch kills the children and since his child is now the youngest he wants this practice of sacrificing a child stopped.  Can he help his people and the witch?  Will those that have raised the abandoned children be able to keep the children?  So many questions in this fairy-tale and you will want to read this book to find the answers.

I enjoyed this new fairy-tale/fantasy story and I'm confident that you will too.

Happy Daily Reading!

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