Thursday, March 30, 2017

Pax by: Sara Pennypacker

This book has been talked about and reviewed by many.  It sat on my "to be read" pile for awhile.  I just wasn't convinced that everyone loved it.  I was afraid I would be the one who just wouldn't get into a book about a boy and his pet.  Especially a pet fox?  Who has a pet fox??

Well, I finished this book last week and I enjoyed it.  Author Sara Pennypacker's PAX is a book you won't forget and you will want to share it with your friends.

Pax is found as a fox pup by a young boy named Peter.  They are together all the time.  After the death of Peter's mother his dad decides to sign up to go to war.  Peter is to live with his grandfather and Pax will be set free into the wild.  Peter is very upset when his dad makes him trick Pax just outside a forest on their way to Peter's grandfather's home.

Pax was never a fox who lived in the wild.  He anxiously waits for Peter to return but when Peter doesn't return Pax tries to find his way in the wild.  He needs to learn how to hunt, eat, etc...  He befriends other foxes that have a hard time trusting him since he likes humans.  Wild foxes do not trust humans.  Through Pax's eyes we learn what he is learning on how to be on his own as a fox.  When the war comes close to the foxes will they survive?

Peter runs away from his grandfather's home to try to find Pax.  When he injures his foot he finds a farm in the middle of nowhere with a quirky farm woman (Vola) living there.  Vola befriends Peter making him stay with her until his foot heals.  Peter is also learning how to live on his own.  He finds new interests and skills living with Vola.  As we watch Peter grow we also see changes in Vola and how she adapts to her new housemate.  When Peter finally leaves the farm and looks for Pax he is sad to see the war so close to the forest where Pax now lives.  Will they find each other?

Each chapter is told from either Peter's or Pax's viewpoint.  I found this such a great way to get to know both of these characters as well as Vola.  I feel as though I've made three new friends and as they each go their own way I know they are forever changed because they know each other.  This is how we all go through life.  Influencing and helping those we meet along the way.

After reading this book go and try something you've never tried before.

Happy Daily Reading

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