Monday, March 20, 2017

The Unwanteds Quests DRAGON CAPTIVES by: Lisa McMann

Lisa McMann continues the adventures of the land of Artime in her new series The Unwanteds Quests Dragon Captives.  Thisbe and Fifer, twin younger sisters of Alex, are now 12 and are looking for adventures of their own.  They have grown up in Artime hearing about their brother's adventures that have shaped the world in which they now live.  Alex has tried to keep them from learning too much magic because he sees such natural magical abilities in his sisters he is worried they have more power than they know what to do with.

When one young dragon returns to Artime stating that the other dragons are being held prisoners and used as slaves the girls want to help.  Alex, who has had life changing injuries, isn't sure that help is available.  Alex decides that the dragons need new bigger wings and he is able to make some but how to get to Dragon Island is the problem.  The twins, along with their friend Seth, set out one night to help the captured dragons.  They are able to fly to Dragon Island by riding on the back of the dragon and once they arrive at the island they are also captured.  They believe they have found friends but that isn't the case.  Now that they are captured can they ever help the dragons or even return back home.  Of course, Alex has discovered that the twins are gone and a rescue party is sent.  However, when the rescue party is also captured the situation really becomes serious.  Will anyone make it back to Artime?

I loved this story and I'm excited for the next book.  These characters feel like family to me and I look forward to more exciting adventures as the girls continue to grow and learn how to control and use their magic appropriately.

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