Friday, April 14, 2017

Grandpa's Great Escape by: David Walliams

Here is another laugh-out-loud story that you and your children will love.  In fact I'm sure that David Walliams' book Grandpa's Great Escape will be enjoyed by many family generations!

Jack loves being with his grandpa even though his grandpa doesn't know his name.  Jack is called "Squadron Leader" and grandpa is "Wing Commander".  You see Grandpa thinks believes he is still a fighter pilot fighting for England in WWII.  Jack goes along with it and the two have many flying adventures together.

Grandpa goes missing from his apartment and when he moves into Jack's home he is missing once again.  Jack knows to look up when looking for grandpa because he is always going up flying his Spitfire on missions for the war.  When he is found sleeping inside a museum inside a Spitfire which is hanging from the ceiling the decision is made to send Grandpa to Twilight Towers.  Twilight Towers is the newest "old people" home in the city.  Jack isn't happy that grandpa has to go to the Towers and he really isn't happy when he learns that visiting time is only allowed on Sundays for just 15 short minutes.  Jack decides to sneak into the Towers one night and soon he is helping his "Wing Commander" escape the enemy's prison where he is being held.  The problem with the escape is that grandpa won't leave anyone behind so all the old residents "prisoner's of war" are soon escaping.  It is a grand leaving from Twilight Towers and in the middle of the escape it is discovered that the owner of Twilight Towers is stealing wills from the residents and taking all their money upon their death.

Will "Wing Commander" and "Squadron Leader" really get everyone to safety?  Have they just stumbled upon a big crime ring?  You will have to read this outstanding book to find out.  I promise that you won't be able to put this book down and Jack and Grandpa's adventure just might lead to some adventures of your own.

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