Monday, June 26, 2017

Dash by: Kirby Larson

Historical Fiction at is best is what School Library Journal said about Kirby Larson's book Dash and I agree 100%.

Mitsi Kashino has lived with her family in the United States her entire life along with her brother and parents.  Her grandparents had moved to the United States many years before her birth and her grandmother continues to live with her and her family.  As Mitsi returns to school, after Christmas break, in January 1942 not quite a month after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor she finds everything has changed.  Her friends ignore her and while her teacher treats her the same Mitsi can sense her worry about Mitsi and her family.  Mitsi is unable to make sense of all the changes

Mitsi and her family are forced to leave their home in Washington State and are taken to a Japanese incarceration camp.  Dash, is Mitsi's dog and is unable to go to the camp.  Fortunately, her neighbor, Mrs. Bowker agrees to take care of Dash while Mitsi and her family is gone.  They hope they will not be gone for long because they are American citizens but at this moment in time life is uncertain for anyone of Japanese descent.

Mitsi and her family try their best to adjust to life in camp.  Slowly Mitsi makes a friend and sees some good in their small home and she is happy that her family is together.  Many families were not so lucky.  Mitsi writes to the general that is in charge of the camps asking to have her dog there with her.  She isn't allowed to have Dash with her but Mrs. Bowker writes letters for Dash and collecting the mail is now one of Mitsi's camp highlights.  Mitsi and her family go through changes at the camp.  She worries that her brother is in the wrong crowd and she learns how to be more independent.

I loved reading this book and learning more about the experience of Japanese Americans during WWII.  I think that knowing more about this time in American history is important for us all and learning through historical fiction stories is my favorite way of learning about history.  I am sure many young readers will enjoy this story of Dash, Mitsi, and the rest of her friends and family.

After reading this book spend time with your pet.

Happy Daily Reading!

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