Thursday, June 29, 2017

Orphan Island by: Laurel Snyder

Laurel Snyder's book Orphan Island is one you will never forget.  It is a story of nine orphans on an island their life is happy and perfect can it stay that way?

There are nine Orphans living on this Island.  Life is very routine and completely safe for all nine.  Change comes once a year when a young child arrives in a small green boat.  When this new child (care) is taken by their Elder (the oldest child on the island) the previous Elder leaves the island on the green boat.  This book follows the year with Jinny as the Elder and Ess as her care.  Jinny can teach Ess some things quite easily and others she needs help.  Such as swimming, an important lesson for anyone living on a island.  Ess doesn't want to swim and Jinny just cannot seem to change Ess's mind about learning to swim.  When Joon steps in to help Jinny is relieved that the lessons go well.  Jinny comes to love Ess and doesn't want to leave the island when the boat returns.  Jinny decides to stay on the island nobody has ever stayed before what will happen to the island with 10 orphans living there?  Things begin to change on the island and Jinny no longer feels safe.  Will she decide to leave?  And if she leaves where will the boat take her?

This is a very unique story but one I think older readers will enjoy.  The daily adventures and beauty on the island will have some readers wanting to visit the island.  Readers will see the ups and downs of taking care of someone.  Learning your own strengths and seeing the strengths in others.  Seeing that working together is usually the best...a few life lessons will be taught to the reader.   A treasure that the children have on the island is a shed of books.  I love that they all read together and alone throughout the story.

After reading this story I would spend sometime re-reading one of your old favorites.

Happy Daily Reading!

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