Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Clayton Byrd Goes Underground by: Rita Williams-Garcia

Rita Williams-Garcia is one of my favorite authors of historical fiction.  Her new book Clayton Byrd Goes Underground does not disappoint especially if you enjoy music, specifically the blues.

Clayton loves to play his Harp with his grandfather (Cool Papa Byrd) and the Bluesmen.  They meet at a local park and play the blues to the delight of all those in the area.  When Cool Papa
Byrd suddenly passes away Clayton feels lost.  His mother didn't approve of what her father did and she doesn't want Clayton to follow in his footsteps.  She sells all of Cool Papa's belongings which angers the mourning Clayton.  When he gets in trouble at school and mom continues to not understand he decides to find the Bluesmen and travel with them.  He runs away finding himself on a subway and playing his harp with other young men who are dancing for money.  Clayton's talent gets these boys more money than they get on their own and they try to get him to stay with them.  More trouble follows before he finds his way back home and finally can mourn his grandfather and hopefully move forward with his family.

I enjoyed the story of Clayton and what I will remember from this book is that we need to listen to one another.  Families go through changes adding members, losing members, etc... be there for each other, really listen and help one another.

After reading this book listen to some blues music.

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