Saturday, July 19, 2014

Randy Riley's Really Big Hit by: Chris Van Dusen

Like most young boys, Randy Riley struggles to hit the ball when playing baseball.  Chris Van Dusen creates an over-the-top solution for Randy in his book Randy Riley's Really Big Hit.

You have to understand that baseball isn't Randy's only love.  He also loves things from outer space.  So, when he strikes out again, he finds happiness in creating his own robot baseball team.  One night he discovers that a fireball is heading straight for earth.  Nobody believes him but he still goes to work to save earth, his family and friends from this fireball.  When the day arrives that the fireball is going to hit earth, you can imagine that there is chaos in his town.  Randy rolls out a giant robot.  What is Randy doing with a giant robot?  Perhaps this will be the time that he will finally get a hit.

This is a great story for all baseball or space fans!

After reading this book go outside and play a game of baseball.

Happy Daily Reading

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