Monday, June 29, 2015

A Dog Called Homeless by: Sarah Lean

Author Sarah Lean has written a very sweet story in her book A Dog Called Homeless.  Cally Fisher's mother passed away one year ago and when Cally tells her family that she can see her mother they don't believe her.  She sees her mother in a variety of places and whenever she does a dog is nearby.  The dog comes to Cally whenever he sees her, the dog is chased away from her school and by her father.  Cally likes the dog and wonders why he shows up when she happens to see her mother.  Once, Cally sees the dog near a homeless man so Cally names the dog Homeless.

Her father, brother and herself are forced to move to a new apartment building where Cally makes friends with a blind boy named Sam.  Cally and Sam spend many afternoons together creating a strong bond of friendship.  Sam believes that Cally has seen her mom and helps her to try to find Homeless the dog.  Through these two children the wounds of losing a mother and wife begin to heal and Homeless finds a home in which he can stay, the home where he should have been all along.

I enjoyed this story it had me near tears a few times and also made me smile.  It is a great story of family and friendship.  Most of all it is a story of being kind at all times.

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