Monday, June 15, 2015

The Right Word Roget and his Thesaurus by: Jen Bryant

Peter Mark Roget spent most of his life creating lists, lists of all kinds and from his lists we now have easy access to many words.  Words that create stories, words to teach and inspire, words that we speak.  The Right Word Roget and his Thesaurus is the story of Peter and the creation of the very first Thesaurus which was printed in 1852.  Author Jen Bryant does a great job at sharing with young readers the life of Peter Mark Roget.

I really enjoyed this book and the style of making lists to describe things in the story.  I learned many things about Peter Mark Roget and his many accomplishments.  I marvel that the first Thesaurus was arranged by the meaning of the words instead of the words in ABC order.  I imagine I would have a hard time looking for the just right word in the first edition.  I'm thankful for his hard work and his sharing his lifetime passion of making lists.  Because he has shared his lists made into a book it is easy for all of us to find just the right word in all we say and write.

This book is a Caldecott Honor book and a Robert F. Sibert Medal winner.  It is one I'm sure you and your family will enjoy.

After reading this book go outside, just like he did, and create a list of your own.

Happy Daily Reading

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