Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles by: Julie Andrews Edwards

In the world of social media there is a phrase that many use and that is "Throwback Thursday".  So, this Thursday I am sharing with you an older book which was published in 1974.    It may be one that you have already read.  Author Julie Andrews Edwards wrote this fantasy story The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles.

I enjoyed this book so very much.  Ben, Tom and Lindy Potter are visiting a local zoo where they meet Professor Savant.  Lindy really enjoyed talking with Professor Savant but she is sure she won't see him again.  However, on Halloween night when Lindy is dared to knock on the door of the scariest looking house on the street they once again meet Professor Savant since it is his house.  The children and the Professor become friends and the professor tells them about Whangdoodleland and the strange creatures that live there.  The professor wants to find the land and see the last Whangdoodle.  The only way to get to this magical land is by using imagination and as an older person the professor needs help from the young Potter children to enter the land.  They are successful in getting to the land and encounter many strange creatures.  Some are helpful and others do all they can to keep them away from the Whangdoodle.  The land has many beautiful features and many dangers.  Will they be able to finally meet the Whangdoodle?

I am confident that readers of all ages will enjoy this book.  Readers that enjoy fantasy stories will love this book.

After reading this book go and enjoy the great outdoors in your area.

Happy Daily Reading

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