Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Boy Who Cried Ninja by: Alex Latimer

You are going to be fooled by the title of Alex Latimer's book The Boy Who Cried Ninja.  This book isn't the story you think it might be.

Tim is a boy that nobody believed.  A giant squid eating not just his homework but his entire book bag.  A sunburned crocodile breaks the TV antenna.  One is true and one is false Tim gets into trouble for telling the truth and for telling lies?!  Can he find a way to no longer get into trouble?  He decides to invite an unusual group of guests to a party and hopefully this party will get him out of trouble once and for all.

This is a fun story and one you will want to share over and over again.  In fact, invite a few friends over for a book reading party and enjoy this book with them.

Happy Daily Reading

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