Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Return BOOK ONE: Disney Lands by: Ridley Pearson

If you are a fan of the Kingdom Keepers series you will want to pick up The Return BOOK ONE: Disney Lands at your local library or bookstore very soon.  I didn't realize that Ridley Pearson had written the first of a new series with the Kingdom Keeper characters until I attended the 2016 LA Times Book Festival.  It was a highlight to meet Mr. Pearson, take a photo and get my book signed.

The five Kingdom Keepers (Finn, Philby, Charlene, Maybeck and Willa) have graduated from High School and will be headed off to different colleges soon.  Finn is convinced that their friend, Wayne, has one more assignment for them.  Finn crosses over and figures out a couple of clues left by Wayne, Finn is taken back in time to Disneyland's early years.  It takes awhile for Finn to convince the others that they need to find Walt Disney's fountain pen and put it where they can find it to save the Disney parks.  The others know they have already saved Disney parks and were able to get rid of the villains.  Finn knows they have done this but in all the photos of Walt's office the fountain pen isn't there and he believes they need to place it on his desk so that it is there when they need it in the future.  Soon all five are crossing over and headed back in time to opening day of Disneyland.  The park in 1955 is very different than the park they know today.

Friends of the Keepers, Jess and Amanda, are attending Disney's School of Imagineering and are soon helping them again.  They are trying to be careful about what they are doing so that they can stay in the school but they are learning some interesting secrets about Disneyland.

Fun and adventure fills this book.  I had to go and buy book two of the series the day after finishing book one.  Keep looking here for my review of book 2.

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Ridley Pearson and me at the 2016 LA Times Book Festival

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