Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Beyonders - A World Without Heroes by Brandon Mull

If you are a fan of fantasy books A World Without Heroes by Brandon Mull is a book you must read.  This is the first book of the Beyonders Trilogy and you will want to read the entire series.

Brandon Mull pulls the reader immediately into this amazing story.  Imagine being swallowed by a hippopotamus or chasing a butterfly and then finding yourself in a new world, unlike anyplace you've seen before.  This is how the main characters (Jason and Rachel) arrive in Lyrian.  Brandon Mull writes so well, you feel like you are in Lyrian too.  Jason meets a blind king and finds a book with an eyeball on the cover, after reading just one page of the book Jason is compelled to go on a quest to overtake the evil emperor, Maldor.  In order to overtake the emperor Jason and Rachel, need to find the syllables of the word that will end the life of Maldor.  Each syllable is being protected and many obstacles have to be overcome in order to obtain each syllable.  Many have tried but nobody has succeeded, will Jason and Rachel be the heroes that Lyrian so desperately needs?  Jason is not sure he can be a hero until he learns that "a hero sacrifices for the greater good.  A hero is true to his or her conscience. . . Heroes do the right thing regardless of the consequences."  This is what we see Jason and Rachel do during each of their quests to obtain the syllables of the word.  As they travel through Lyrian searching for the syllables they meet all kinds of interesting people.  The most interesting to me is the displacer, Ferrin.  Ferrin can take himself apart and then put himself back together.  Displacers are usually spies for the governor but they find a friend in Ferrrin, well they think he is a friend.  Jason also visits a land where the people just eat and play all day long.  A place nobody ever leaves, until Jason.  Read this book and you will cheer when you see that Jason and Rachel are indeed the heroes Lyrian needs.

After reading this story you will be busy reading book 2 in the series Seeds of Rebellion.  However, take sometime to imagine some different types of people and lands that may be fun and/or dangerous to visit.

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