Monday, April 7, 2014

The Unwanteds by Lisa McMann

I read this book in September of 2012 after meeting the author Lisa McMann at a local bookstore.  Once I read The Unwanteds, it quickly became my new favorite fantasy book.

Alexander and Aaron Stowe are twins who live in the land of Quill.  At the age of 13 the children of Quill are marked as Wanted or Necessary.   Any children that remain after the marking become the Unwanted and are purged from Quill.  Aaron becomes a Wanted but Alexander is purged, sent to what he believes will be his death.  Will the twins ever see each other again?

Alexander and the other Unwanteds board a bus and say goodbye to the life they have always known and head into the unknown. As they exit the bus they have no idea that they are headed to a new land, Artime.  Mr. Today is the leader of the land of Artime and he is unlike anyone Alexander has ever known.  Mr. Today is more like Alexander so he forms a strong friendship with him.  Artime is home to the Unwanteds; those that are free thinkers, those that are artists, and those that are capable of magic.  They learn how to use magic for good while in Artime.  Using some everyday objects in magical ways is just one aspect of the story that kept my interest.  Soon Quill and Artime collide and a war begins.  Who will win?  Will Alexander and Aaron fight together or against each other?  This is just the first in a series of books that are all just as thrilling as the first book.

When you finish reading this book, and the others in the series, use your imagination to find new ways to use everyday objects in your life.

Happy Daily Reading
Lisa McMann and me at the release of the second book in the Unwanteds series

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