Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Out Of My Mind by Sharon M. Draper

This book is a MUST read for everyone over the age of 10.  Out of my Mind by Sharon Draper is a story that will stay in your heart forever, and most likely change you for the better.

Melody has a photographic memory she remembers everything she sees and hears.  She sometimes wishes she had a delete button on her wheelchair so that she could forget some of the things she knows.  Melody was born with cerebral palsy and is unable to communicate.  This is her biggest frustration she knows a lot but, she cannot communicate with others.  She does not mind the wheelchair, other than the color, which is pink!  When she was five and it was time to start school she was unable to show the teachers how much she knew because she could not write or move her arms to do what was asked.  So, her school life is in the special education class where she hears the same things day after day.  She is able to get a new wheelchair that enables her to move around better but she still cannot communicate.  This changes, in the fifth grade, when she is given a computer that enables her to "talk" and once she begins to communicate there is no stopping her. Teachers quickly learn how smart she is and soon she is on the school academic team.  Because of Melody the team makes it to the final competition.  However, the other students on the team, although they love winning, are embarrassed by Melody's looks and her wheelchair.  This is where we see the true feelings of the other students, are they really Melody's friends?

Out of my Mind is a great story about friendship and acceptance of others.  Melody is one special girl and someone I'm glad I got to know through this story.

After reading this book think about ways you can be a better friend to others.

Happy Daily Reading

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  1. This was a "Mark Twain" nominee recently, and Allyson read it. She really liked it, and the good message.