Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Press Here by Henre Tullet

Press Here by Henre Tullet might not look like much of a book but children love it.  I found this story much more fun when read aloud.  Press Here will be a book I read to new students each school year.

Listeners to this story are told what to do and when the page is turned they discover that what they did created differences on the next page.  For instance "rub here" changes the color of the dot.  Look out when the listener begins to "clap" you won't believe what happens!

After reading this book you can talk about primary colors and what happens when you mix them.  You can have a fun time giving commands and coming up with new outcomes with your directions.  Share your experiences in the comment section of this review.

Happy Daily Reading

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  1. My kids all LOVE this book. It is in high rotation in our house.