Monday, May 5, 2014

In A Blink by Kiki Thorpe

I was given this book by a student of mine and I was anxious to read it since so many girls are currently loving books about Tinkerbell and fairies.

In a Blink by Kiki Thorpe is the first in the Never Girls series.    I enjoyed this story and I'm sure the rest of the series will be enjoyed by me and by many other readers.  Kate, Mia, Lainey and Gabby are friends enjoying a day playing outside when they suddenly find themselves in Neverland talking to a fairy named Prilla.  Prilla is the fairy that brought the girls to Neverland and she does it in a blink.  Prilla's fairy talent is being able to visit children anywhere in the world just by blinking.  When Prilla is unable to blink, the "clumsies" (the name that the fairies call human children) she takes the girls to Tinkerbell.  Tink's fairy talent is fixing things.  Prilla hopes Tink can help her figure out a way to get them back home.  The girls love visiting Pixie Hollow and interacting with the fairies.  They also wonder what their families are thinking, such as where they could be.   Gabby, Lainey, Mia and Kate are able to use pixie dust to learn how to fly!  Kate is tricked into stealing some pixie dust and when she is caught, which upsets Tinkerbell, she and her friends wonder if they will ever get home.  Can Tinkerbell ever learn to like the "clumsy" humans?

Take sometime today to play outside.  Enjoy the great outdoors and be on the lookout for fairies!

Happy Daily Reading

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