Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Secret Hum of a Daisy by Tracy Holczer

I just finished this book and I'm not sure I can put into words how much I enjoyed it and how much I think you should read it.

This is Tracy Holczer's first novel and I was able to meet her on the day the book was finally available in bookstores, May 1, 2014.  She was excited about her first book being published and I personally hope she will publish many more.

The Secret Hum of a Daisy is the story of Grace who has moved around the state of California her entire life with her mother.  When her mother suddenly passes away Grace is sent to stay with the grandmother, someone she has never met.  The only thing she knew about her grandmother is that her grandmother sent her mother away on a bus when she was 17 and pregnant.  When her mother died, she was living with her friend Lacey and Lacey's mother, Mrs. Greene.  Grace thought she had found a home with Lacey and Mrs. Greene, but now is being sent away to live with a complete stranger.  Grace isn't sure she can live in the "after" time, as in "after your mom dies" so she moves ahead very slowly.

Whenever Grace and her mom moved into a new town, her mom would send Grace on a treasure hunt as a method of helping Grace get to know the town.  When she moves in with her grandmother, she goes to school for the first time and Grace finds a paper crane outside of her school, her mother made cranes of all kinds, paper, clay and metal.  Grace is convinced the crane is a sign from her mother that a new treasure hunt is beginning.  As Grace learns about the town, which is the town where her mother grew up, and when she learns of how her parents met and what happened to her father she begins to feel a connection to the town.  As stated in the book "...if you were going to let yourself be connected to people, you had to be willing to take chances" and take chances is just what Grace does.  As she makes new friends and comes to know and love her grandmother, she really begins to feel that she has finally found home and has a place to belong.   Grace realizes "that sometimes people did what they could, not what they should" she begins to face "after" in amazing ways.  At the end of the story you just want to give Grace a big hug and wish her all the best.
Me with first time author Tracy Holczer

After you read this book spend some time with your own family.  Perhaps even go on a family treasure hunt! Recognize the blessings that families can be for good and sometimes not so good, but that making connections with people is good for us all.

Happy Daily Reading

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