Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Sparky! by: Jenny Offill

Jenny Offill has created a one of a kind pet in her book Sparky!.

A girl really wants a pet of her own.  She asks her mother every day for an entire month if she can have a pet of her own.  Her mother promises her a pet if she can find one that doesn't need to be walked, bathed or fed.  So, where can she find a pet like that?!  She asks a librarian, of course!  The librarian says that a sloth will meet all of her mother's requirements because a sloth doesn't do much.  She finds a sloth and names it Sparky.  Unlike his name, Sparky sleeps most of the day.  When another girl shows off the tricks that her pet can do, the girl is determined to teach Sparky tricks too.  Will her sloth talent show be a hit or a miss?

After enjoying this book, talk about other animals that you might want as a pet and what tricks you would want teach your pet to do.

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