Friday, June 6, 2014

The Miniature World of Marvin & James by: Elise Broach

A few years ago Elise Broach wrote a wonderful book about the friendship of Marvin and James.  That book was entitled Masterpiece.  She has now written the first book in the Masterpiece Adventures series, entitled The Miniature World of Marvin and James.  While Masterpiece was written for older readers the Masterpiece Adventure series is intended for beginning chapter book readers.  Your reader can begin with the series and then read Masterpiece when they are older.

Marvin is a Beetle who is also an amazing artist.  James is a young boy who befriends Marvin the beetle.  The two friends learn how to communicate with each other through Marvin's drawings.  When James is leaving to go to the beach for a week, Marvin is sure James will forget all about him.  Marvin is very bored while James is gone.  He ends up spending time with his cousin, a girl named Elaine.  Elaine has found a magical place where they can jump and play in tiny bits of wood.  Marvin and Elaine are having a great time until they find themselves stuck in this amazing place.  You'll never guess where they are and you should read the book to find out more about the amazing adventure Elaine and Marvin share.   Even when Marvin spends time with Elaine, he is thinking of James and worried if they will still be friends when James returns.  

Marvin is excited when it is almost time for James to return.  For a coming home gift he draws a picture of a beach.  James loves the picture and gives Marvin a present too.  Marvin comes to understand that "the feeling of being someone's best friend" is wonderful, "because it means nobody can take your place".

After enjoying this adventure, I think you should spend sometime at the beach!

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