Monday, February 22, 2016

All The Answers by: Kate Messner

What would you do if you found a pencil that would give you the answer to most questions you ask?  The answer is probably found in the book All the Answers by Kate Messner.

Ava finds a old pencil in her family junk drawer and soon learns that when she writes a question the answer is whispered to her.  Fortunately, only the person holding the pencil can hear the pencil.  Ava first learns of the power of this pencil while in math class.  As you may imagine, the pencil comes in very handy during math class.

As Ava shares the power of her pencil with her best friend and as they begin to ask a variety of questions troubles and worries come to Ava.  The worries she has about her family's store and their health is a lot for her and she cannot talk to her family about her worries or she just might lose the pencil for good and she enjoys using the pencil.  At one point the girls pretend to be fortune tellers, with some funny results.  As Ava learns more about the pencil, where it came from and who has used it in the past she begins to wonder if she really needs this pencil.

Will she keep it forever?  Can it even last that long?  This is a wonderful story that I'm sure many of you will enjoy.

After reading this story, pick up a pencil and do your homework...or just draw something fun.

Happy Daily Reading

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