Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Who Were The Brothers Grimm by: Avery Reed

This book is part of a series titled:  "Who Was...Who Is..Who Were".  These are the biographies that my students want to read.  I decided I should check the series out and since I love fairy tales I decided to read about the Brothers Grimm in Avery Reed's book Who Were The Brothers Grimm?

Jacob and Wilhem Grimm grew up as best friends in the late 1700s in Germany.  They loved listening to the German fairy tales as far back as they could remember.  They were good at school and after the death of their father they had the opportunity to attend school in another city.  While in college, they were studying law to become judges like their father, they continued to love literature.  They would often be found acting out stories that they had read.  Jacob began working for a professor and soon dropped out of law school and moved to Paris.  It was here that he helped his professor collect children's songs to publish in a book.  From this experience Jacob began collecting fairy tales.  Soon Wilhem was also collecting stories.  It was common that the German fairy tales were not written but told and retold by parents or storytellers.  The brothers began spending time with storytellers and in 1825 their first collection of fairy tales was published.

I really enjoyed reading about these two men that I knew nothing about.  I hope you will check out this series of biographies the next time you want to learn about someone's life.

After reading a book in this series take sometime to write down facts and interesting stories about yourself.  An autobiography might be very interesting to read when you are older and your children will love reading about you as a child.  And who knows there just might be an author that will read it when you are famous and use parts in the biography they write about you!

Happy Daily Reading

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