Monday, February 29, 2016

Friday Barnes Girl Detective by: R.A. Spratt

If you enjoy mysteries this is a book you will love.  Friday Barnes Girl Detective is the first in the new series by R.A. Spratt.  It is a story you will not soon forget.

Friday Barnes is born into a family that loves science.  Her parents and much older siblings are all busy with their science lives so Friday spends much of her time alone reading everything she can inside her home.  She is a very intelligent young girl and when she is able to solve a case for the local police she takes the reward money and enrolls in a private school.

She has never had friends or even knows how to interact with others near her age.  She has very interesting encounters with the students at her new school.  When she is asked to help a classmate prove their innocence to the Headmaster Friday doesn't realize she is beginning a new career as school detective.

She solves a few of the cases that classmates give her but the biggest mystery at the school is the "swamp monster".  Is the monster real?  As Friday uses her skills at looking for clues at all times she just might be able to help the school solve this "swamp monster" mystery once and for all.

There are funny moments that we can all relate to as Friday learns how to be at the school with others her own age.  Her roommate and BFF, Melanie, is also an interesting character.  There is even possibly a love interest for Friday, does she really like Ian??  You will laugh and you will try to solve the case right along with Friday.  She is a girl you will come to love.

I enjoyed this story and look forward to reading more in the series.

After reading this book see if there isn't anyone you might be able to help just like Friday does in this story.

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