Thursday, June 30, 2016

Aly Rutherford and the Ancients by: Mary Ann Eisenberg and Wendi Willson

 I was able to meet these authors at the LA Times Book Festival this is a self published book and it is one I think anyone who enjoys fantasy stories will love.  It was a page turner for this fantasy loving reader.

MaryAnn Eisenberg and Wendi Willson in their book Aly Rutherford and the Ancients take us on an adventure like no other.  Aly's mother goes missing after an earthquake in Mexico.  She is sent to stay with her MeMar in California.  She doesn't want to be there she wants to find her mother, she is convinced that her mother has been kidnapped.  Aly is soon spending time with Nicholas a young boy who is her neighbor and his brother Dylan.  They explore around their neighborhood trying to stay away from bully, Dave.

Aly has a unique disk that she found after her mother disappeared.  The three find that others in their town have disks as well.  MeMar tells Aly that she is a descendant that needs to save humankind.  Aly isn't given any help as to what she is supposed to do to save humankind but when she begins talking to two white Ravens she thinks maybe she finally has some help.  However, her biggest help comes from Dylan and Nicholas.  They discover ancient lava tubes with the same markings as the disks and as they continue to watch the others with disks a few answers with more questions arise.

Aly is a smart girl who does the best she can in difficult situations.  I know readers will enjoy getting to know Aly and will be cheering for her as she figures out what she is meant to do with her life.  I am sure she will figure out all she needs to do but we all have to read the next book in the series to find out.

After reading this book go and do some bird watching, maybe you can talk to birds too.

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The Amazing Authors and Me at the 2016 LA Times Book Festival

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