Monday, June 6, 2016

The Key to Extraordinary by: Natalie Lloyd

Natalie Lloyd has written a great book, one you won't soon forget.  The Key to Extraordinary is a story that will stay with you and will make you smile whenever you think of these characters that have made a home in your heart.

Emma and her family live above the family's bakery, the Boneyard Cafe.  The Cafe is famous for its Boneyard Brew which is hot chocolate with a special secret ingredient.  Whenever you have some of the brew your worries are washed away.  The Cafe is located near a famous cemetery where Emma holds free tours for all who happen to visit.

Business at the Cafe is slow and grandma is thinking of selling.  Emma's mother has passed away and she feels "the big empty" (missing her mom) most days.  Happiness is found for Emma whenever she is in the Cafe surrounded by family and friends.  Emma is hoping she can have her Destiny Dream soon so she can help save the Cafe.  All the women in Emma's family have a special Destiny Dream that shows them what they are to do with their talents.  Emma is sure hers will be what must be done to help her safe the Cafe.  When Emma does have her dream she wonders what it can mean but it becomes clear as she and her friends work on finding a treasure that hasn't been found in decades.  Many have tried to find the treasure but Emma is sure that her Destiny is to actually be the one who finds it.  Her friends have a few adventures as they look for the treasure and they each find inner strengths that they didn't know they had.  Facing their fears and helping each other these three friends do more than find a treasure.  You will have to read this book to find out what happens.  As you read enjoy some hot chocolate and then add your own secret ingredient as you finish the story.

This is a special book with many thoughts about family and friends that I found to be 100% true.  I loved this story and think that we all can find our own Key to Extraordinary!

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