Friday, June 17, 2016

Are We There Yet? by: Dan Santat

Author Dan Santat has written and illustrated another awesome picture book in his newest book Are We There Yet?.  It is the perfect summer vacation road trip book.

As a family sets off to visit grandma's house the first hour is exciting but then the ride gets boring.  As the drive continues things are not as bad as the young boy first thinks.  The ride just might be as fun as the destination.

This book will take away any boring thoughts you may have about your next road trip.  It is unique in a few ways and I'm not going to give anything away.  It is a must read!  The reader and those listening will never think of long car rides in the same way again.  The book is also an exercise for your imagination.  You will enjoy every page as the story as well as the illustrations are so great.  

While you enjoy this summer season be sure to keep reading each day!

Happy Daily Reading

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