Thursday, August 4, 2016

It Came in the Mail by: Ben Clanton

 Do you remember when you were a child and you wished for mail?  In Ben Clanton's newest book It Came in the Mail Liam looks every day, almost every minute, to see if he has received mail.  He never finds any mail until one day he has an idea!  What if he sent mail?!  If he sent mail maybe he would receive mail.  He writes a letter to his mailbox asking for mail and soon he is getting all sorts of mail.  A dragon, an elephant, a funny bone and much more.  What will Liam do with all this mail?  You and your child will enjoy finding out when you read this book.

I enjoyed this story and I look forward to sharing it with the children in my world.  I may just need to write a note to my mailbox and see what is delivered to me.

After reading this book write a note to a friend and send it in the mail.

Happy Daily Reading

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