Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Bug Bear by: Patricia Hegarty

A wonderful picture book that the youngest of readers will ask to read over and over again.  Author Patricia Hegarty and Illustrator Carmen Saldana have created a wonderful story with their book Bug Bear.

Bear is just trying to relax but Bug wants to make his home in the fuzzy, so soft, and so snug fur of Bear.  Bug tries and tries to convince Bear that this would be a good thing but Bear isn't having any of Bug's nonsense.  Finally, Bear seeks help from his friend Owl and Owl has a great solution for both Bug and Bear.  What is Owl's solution?  I wonder if it will really work?  Leave a comment letting me know if you agree with Owl's solution.

After reading this book create your own Bug adventure.  What animal would be a good home/friend for Bug?

Happy Daily Reading

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