Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Happy Dreamer by: Peter H. Reynolds

Author and illustrator Peter H. Reynolds has created another great feel good story in his book Happy Dreamer.  Peter's books share the message that we can all create and make the world a better place.  If you know a child who seems to dream all the time or has trouble focusing because of their daydreams this book is one you need to share with them.

The young boy in this story has dreams during the day, at night and in many other circumstances.  He has so many dreams sometimes he has creative chaos and it's hard to clean up the chaos.  This is when he feels alone until he begins to dream once again.  He even finds dreams in the clouds.

I enjoyed this book I now feel motivated to dream bigger dreams and to share the dreams with my family and friends.

After reading this story go outside, lay on your back and watch the clouds go by.  Can you see and share what you find in the sky?

Happy Daily Reading

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