Monday, July 10, 2017

The Unbreakable Code by: Jennifer Chambliss Bertman

I could not put this book down!  Jennifer Chambles Bertman has written a page-turner fantastic sequel to Book Scavenger in her newest book The Unbreakable Code.  I suggest you read both of these books if you love puzzles, games, adventure...etc....

Emily and James continue to enjoy solving puzzles at the Book Scavenger website and they look forward to working with Mr. Griswold as advisers for Book Scavengers.  Emily sees her teacher taking a piece of paper from someones purse at a book signing party.  With James' help they are able to obtain this paper and see that it is a cipher for a book hidden in their town.  They figure out the clue and find the book (Tom Sawyer) and learn that there is an unbreakable code that dates back to the time of the gold rush.  It has to do with a sunken ship that is buried underneath the city of San Francisco.  As they try to figure out the unbreakable code they begin to suspect that their teacher is being framed for arson.  Emily and James find out that fires have been set at places their teacher has gone to find hidden books through the Book Scavenger game.  Emily is inside one of the buildings that was set on fire and is anxious to figure out what is going on with the fires and their teacher.  The same book is being found each time by their teacher, what does the book Tom Sawyer have to do with the gold rush?

Emily is loving living in San Francisco and gets worried that her family will be moving again soon.  She really wants to solve the unbreakable code in order to find the gold and help her family financially.  She is more involved at school and learns that she has more friends that she thought.  I enjoyed reading about Emily's experiences planning the school dance and adding a fun game to the beginning of the dance.  Seeing characters grow and overcome fears makes them very real to me.  I'd love to have Emily as my friend.

As more clues and facts are discovered by James and Emily they get closer and closer to solving the code that has been unbreakable for hundreds of years.  They also learn quite a bit about their hometown during this quest which I think all readers will also enjoy learning.

I loved this book.  I have a hard time figuring out the different ciphers but did manage to get one of them!  The premise of this book with games and puzzles all about books is great!  I hope you will comment once you have read this book.  Check out my review of Book Scavenger too.

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