Monday, July 24, 2017

This Would Make A Good Story Someday by: Dana Alison Levy

A family summer vacation unlike any other is what author Dana Alison Levy takes readers on in her book This Would Make A Good Story Someday.  This was another perfect summertime story that I couldn't put down.  I was laughing at one moment and crying another.  I know readers of all ages will enjoy this book.  You will never forget the Johnston-Fischer family.

Sara has her summer all planned with her two best friends, Em and Vi, they want to reinvent themselves before beginning Jr. High.  Each of them has a list and they plan on helping each other achieve their goals  However, Sara's summer plans change when she learns she will be leaving home and traveling across the country by train with her family.  One of her moms has been given the chance to write a book about their family adventures as they travel.  Sara is NOT happy about being in such tight quarters with her older sister and her boyfriend (he prefers to be called "partner" because "boyfriend" perpetuates societal stereotypes), younger sister,  and two mothers.  She is afraid that all of her embarrassing moments will be in the book and she doesn't want that.  There is also another family that is also traveling for the same reasons.  The other family consists of a boy (Sara's age), dad and two 90 year old "aunties".

There are four different trains they will ride as well as stops along the way.  Some are short stays others for a few days.  Sara begins writing in a journal to fulfill a summer project of writing what you are doing during the summer.  Sara spends most of her time writing.  She tries working on her reinvention project but doesn't get very far with her goals.  She does change her hair and that story is very interesting.   Ladybug, Sara's younger sister travels with a small Roman Centurion (Bruce) she poses this little action figure with anyone who will let her and at various landmarks across the U.S.  There are family arguments along the way too, Laurel, Sara's older sister, decides she doesn't want to go to college any longer she wants to get out in the world and change it for the better.  Laurel and her boyfriend (Root) are all about saving the world.  Root really has a unique way of seeing the world.  There are also family bonding moments, such as when the sisters come together to comfort Ladybug when Bruce goes missing.

When Sara finally decides to join the adventure instead of just writing she becomes good friends with Travis the boy from the other family.  She also begins to enjoy the experiences with family and with her new friend. Ladybug and the two aunties become close friends, especially when a cardboard Elvis joins the trip because now Bruce and Elvis can be buddies.  Stops in Memphis and New Orleans are especially fun family events.  The two families become great friends and are grateful for one another when sadness comes there way.  Their stay at the Grand Canyon is very memorable.

I just cannot give this book the justice it deserves.  I truly loved this story and could relate some of their experiences with my own family vacation experiences.  What resonates from this story is that they truly love one another even with all of their differences.  The book is mostly Sara's words, some from other family members, I hope Sara will continue writing and perhaps a second book will come of her future writing experiences.

After reading this book go and do something with your family.

Happy Daily Reading

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